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Underwater Boat Bottom Cleaning Services 

from Islamorada to Ocean Reef

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The only breaking of reefs that we do is removing this from your vessel's bottom to increase fuel economy and performance. 

Underwater hull cleaning is a process that helps you to improve  your boat’s performance by maintaining hull and all underwater parts smooth and free from various forms of marine life  and residue. This prolongs the life of the anti-foulant coating and helps to sustain the anti-corrosive coating. Regular scheduled removal of buildup also reduces likelihood of corrosion and pitting. Any increased resistance  between hull and water will require more power to accelerate your boat thus burning more fuel. It also affects your boat’s speed and maneuverability. See below for detailed information and research

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If underwater hull cleaning takes over 2 hours; time will be billed at $60 per man hour.

Service Call $60 minimum for up to one hour of work then $60/hour 

Hull Cleaning-One Time for vessels under 60ft LOA $2.50-3.50/ft

Hull Cleaning-One Time for vessels 60ft and up LOA $3.50-4.50/ft

Monthly Regular Hull Cleaning under 60ft LOA $2.50/ft

Monthly Hull Cleaning over 60ft LOA and up $3.50/ft